About Horizon Distributors LTD

We are experienced in the areas of all basic food, e.g. Rice, Salt, Sugar, Mackerel, Corn Meal, Salt Fish, Pork Tails, Syrups, Vinegars, Cup Soups, Beans and Peas, and consumer disposables such as plates, cups, lunch boxes etc. The Company has the infrastructure, distribution network, and sales force necessary to successfully distribute any product of good quality and which is competitively priced.

Some of our products are marketed under the Horizon label. We sell our own branded Nice ’N’ Sweet Syrups, Horizon Vinegar, Horizon Nature Sea Salt, Horizon Rice as well as other brands for overseas manufacturers. We are the main distributor of Sea Salt, which is growing in demand as people become more health conscious.

Wholesalers, supermarkets and food processors throughout the island of Jamaica. Our sales force is energetic, well trained and aggressive. They canvass orders by telephone and personal visits to customers’ location island wide. Most have been with the company from its inception and have gained valuable experience of the market and have developed strong relationships. Coupled with the Company’s strategy of providing excellent customer service, we have built a loyal customer base.

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